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Hackers have always been on the run and are targeting business round the clock. The question is how can you stop them? Do you have a team of cyber security analysts to monitor your networks and ensure no bad guys are getting through? If not, then how do we stop the damage? The answer is Omnix CyberSecurity expertise, cyber analysts that are watching your network around the clock. Our team is immersed in cybersecurity threats daily and we are well-equipped to respond quickly and effectively to any threats


Monitoring your network, systems and data round-the-clock


Analyze potential threats that are identified and notify you when action needs to be taken. Tracking all processes, help and detect malicious activities, and use behavioral AI technology to respond at top speed

  • Lower costs in areas of training, staffing and technology investments.
  • Apply Managed SIEM service for constant vigilance on any security issues that may be problematic in terms of compliance.
  • Help reduce the number of false alerts, tune SIEM critical alerts are addressed immediately, and help remediate the threat.
  • Enhance company infrastructure not only on SOC, SIEM & MDR technologies, but also have a deep dive access to any future cybersecurity threat alerts.

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