Digital Business Foundation

First Steps towards business automation

Manages critical business operations

Omnix Digital Business Foundation solutions are built to empower organizations to drive business results and reinvent a wide range of inter- and intra-organizational processes

This scalable and hybrid solution manages an entire set of critical operations, such as transactional content processing, document management, content consolidation, content-based application development, and reporting and analytics.

Accelerate business growth

The successful incorporation of digital solutions into an organization’s business operations helps achieve a substantial increase in productivity and efficiency while optimizing operational costs and accelerating growth.


Reinvent a wide range of inter- and intra-organizational processes

Digitize core operations to automate at scale



Digital Business Automation

Using the Digital Business Automation platform empowers organizations with versatile tools for the digitization of content, business rulers and workflows. Automating a large volume of process across various functional areas and maximizing operational efficiency.

Additionally, operational data is methodically gathered and analyzed using AI-powered engines and used for machine-learning purposes in a manner that guarantees a continued improvement

Manage the IT infrastructure through a centralized and cohesive hub


Enterprise Service Bus

Enterprise Service Bus enables organization to build distributed systems using service interactions, and transforms the IT infrastructure into flexible, re-usable, standards-based services managed through a centralized and cohesive hub.

The solution additionally increases organizational agility by reducing the time required to market new initiatives, and this is one of the most common reasons that companies implement an ESB as the backbone of their IT infrastructure

Securely and rapidly gain access to business assets through various channels


Rapid API Management

As the speed and agility of service delivery become significantly more important, Omnix offers its Rapid API Management services to help organizations securely and rapidly provide access to business assets through various channels, such as the web, smartphones and social media networks. This approach will enable organizations to develop new markets and channels through leveraging, publicizing and aggregating assets for broad consumption.

The solution provides a single-entry point with consistent security policies across business channels in a manner that reduces operational costs and enhances security.

 API Security Gateway additionally supports configuration-driven policy creation, thus reducing the time necessary to market services, improving productivity and scaling expertise

Gain a holistic view of business operations

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