A Message
from the CEO

Welcome to the new Digital future!

 July 2020 – marks my 31st annual anniversary working in the technology & software industry in the MENA region. I cannot overstate how incredibly tumultuous this three-decade-long journey has been, filled with endless tectonic shifts that have forever transformed the way we live, learn, travel, communicate, commute, work, and socialize as human beings.

I’ve always thought of myself as a digital optimist as well as being a technology enthusiast who was blessed with being in a unique position to have both experienced living with and without the internet. Today, I can comfortably say that we are living in the most exciting and fulfilling time in the entirety of recorded human history.

In the midst of all this excitement and change, came about the biggest change of all; COVID-19. It set into motion a series of unprecedented and cataclysmic shifts in just five or so months towards digital transformation and digitization that would have otherwise taken decades to become implemented at the levels they are at today. The explosion of technology we are experiencing today is arguably the 21st century’s equivalent of the Cambrian explosion circa 541 million years ago when life witnessed a boom of new species across the planet. From inter-family communication, closure of multi-million dollar deals, hiring new employees, ordering groceries, having meetings; it has all become irreversibly changed thanks to a massive computational foundation in the cloud, data analytics, machine learning, IoT and cybersecurity.

At Omnix, we believe that the future is coming closer as the world moves faster and that it’s time that this region had its own native powerhouse of technology experts at the level necessary to be a trusted partner who contributes accurately, effectively and measurably to our clients’ digital transformation aspirations and journeys.

Omnix stands for many values, at the top of which is the ability to dream, work and deliver results to clients in a new and complex digital world. In just a few months, several industries have undergone generational changes at a never-before-seen pace: Healthcare, Insurance, Energy, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Transportation, Retail, Entertainment, Education, and Finance are not the same set of industries we thought we knew prior to March 2020. Virtually no industry that existed in February 2020 was the same by May 2020. We are not going back to business as usual. We are on a quest to create a new way of doing business in a new world.

The internet has penetrated every sector, and even the most established businesses have come to terms with the urgency of change. As such, we are here to guide, counsel, conceptualize, plan, deploy, implement, and support each and every one of our clients as they embark on this journey.

We are here to lead this transformation into a better, smarter, and more sustainable future and I personally would like to welcome you to the new digital future! This is the most exciting time of our life; yet.

Business, as usual, is dead, long live the new digital transformation.

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