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Robotic Process Automation: A First step towards Digital Transformation

If you are not automating work today, you are behind 66% of the fortune 500. Employees are the heart of any organization. A few years before employees were pushing robots because they thought it might take their job but now story is different, employees are loving robots because it freed them from the mundane tasks. Robots also now leverage AI to help workers make better decision, dramatically improving the customer experience and business outcomes.

According to a recent IDC research, 80% of decision-makers who have adopted robotic process automation (RPA) provide workers with access to automation tools. And 71% of workers are optimistic about automation and say they are happy to spend time on more interesting work or get more work completed.

The fully automated enterprise is a game-changer for any sector whether it is Insurance, Healthcare, Education or Financial Services.

We believe that in the future, people will work in tandem with robots, focusing on impactful initiatives rather than administrative tasks. Imagine getting the right data, to the right person, at the right time to make decisions.

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Walid Gomaa

Vice President - Solutions & Customer Success - Omnix

Hilel Baroud

Director of Global Services - UiPath

Hilal Ahmad Paray

Sr. RPA Consultant – Omnix


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