Digital Goal

With over a decade of experience serving the leading Telecommunications service providers in the region, our enterprise solutions and services have been powering the ever-changing transformation to digitization for CSP’s both internally & externally.


Data Analysis and Reporting


It is no secret that the amount of data that is being created daily is increasing exponentially. CSP’s need to leverage this data to improve customer experience, accurately predict acceptability of new products, reduce customer churn rate and essentially stay ahead of the competition.

Providing the expertise and business know-how of the data lifecycle from acquiring all the way to visualization is a core part of our past offerings. Introducing the right architecture through best Telco practices by having the right ingestion layer, choosing the correct ETL tools and thereafter engineering the data to be able to visualize to CxO’s through several dashboards and reporting platforms.

We have successfully implemented, supported and maintained leading technology platforms offering:

  • Enterprise ETL dealing with structured & unstructured data
  • Full & Part-time employee HR Analytics
  • Leading Data Visualization & Business Intelligence

Robot Process Automation

Get the robot out of the humans. Instead of eliminating existing workforce, organizations most often chose to add virtual teams of robotic FTEs meant to take over the repetitive tasks performed by humans, leaving the employees to focus on the more important tasks at hand.

This results in significant benefits like reducing quality costs, FTE costs, service availability and customer service, improving business agility and overall optimizing important business workflows and processes.

With our experience we have witnessed significant ROI within the first 6 months of implementing over 50 use cases across different providers.

Low-Code Rapid Application Development

Gartner predicts that by 2024, low-code application development will be responsible for more than 65% of application development activity. The reason for that is fewer resources required for development, business collaboration during the lifecycle and scalability to match the dynamic digital world we live in today. This results in faster time to market, much more agile software development and high innovation being inputted driven by business.

Being one of the leading Low-Code application development SI’s in the region, we have helped CSP’s transition from the traditional application development methodologies to a more agile and business-centric culture. Where every idea across different teams and stakeholders is put to the test within weeks, tried and tested and either brought to life or shelved for another day.


Our Customer Experience Management (CEM) expertise plays a great role in experience monitoring and service quality management for CSP’s and their customers.

Having the insight into customers’ journey of services provided by telecoms operators on all digital channels, helps make the transition from network reliant operations to customer-focused ones, delivering a truly differentiating customer experience.

This helps CSP’s optimize their digital channels, build and manage customer journeys, quantify customer segmentation and most importantly; locate a challenge and isolate problems from customers.


Enable your business with result driven digital journey