Discipline specific expert BIM modelling & CADD drafting services.

250+ discipline specific engineers & architects at Omnix help organizations achieve their BIM submissions right from conceptual to as-built stage which  includes preparation of detailed design drawings,  shop drawings  & COBie data. 

In-house BIM modeling services (LOD 100 to 500) & CADD drafting services

100s of discipline specific BIM modelers & CADD experts, who are highly experienced in their domains, deliver high quality BIM models & CADD drawings with turnaround time options.
Omnix in-house team of expert engineers & architects work closely with consultants and contractors as a truly integrated team to deliver required BIM models & sheets submissions. Submissions are passed through multiple QA/QC to achieve quality. Disciplines covered are Architecture, Structure, MEP, ID & fitout, landscaping.

Outsourcing / Onsite deputation of BIM modelers & coordinators, CADD draftsmen

Highly experienced discipline specific BIM modelers, BIM coordinators & CAD draftsmen , work closely with client architects & engineers onsite, on time sheet basis. Omnix team of discipline specific engineers , architects, BIM modelers, BIM coordinators & CADD draftsmen can work onsite in clients office on time sheet basis. Flexible models are available to scale the onsite team up or down in a short notice.

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