Providing organizations with holistic support that leads to success

The success of an organization depends on how well the different parts work as a whole. Omnix helps clients run a successful company through our effective managed services.

We pay attention to the various challenges our clients face in running operations. Through our experts’ guidance, we provide holistic support that paves the way for our client’s success. Omnix Managed Services ensures that clients run a well-oiled organization by addressing current challenges and having the foresight to plan for future roadblocks.


Outsourcing enables organizations to increase staff productivity and efficiency by allowing teams to focus on the things they are good at while performing the other more tedious tasks. Through outsourcing, companies can properly adequate resources to propel growth and lead to success.

Omnix Outsourcing services take care of specific tasks that meet specific organizational needs. With a thorough assessment, constant communication, and continuous support, our Outsourcing services deliver high-quality performance freeing our clients from tasks and allowing them to focus on more essential things to pave the way for success.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Providing clear and well-documented principles leading to better delivery of service.

Having a clear set of agreed protocols and principles is the crucial first step in any client-provider service. Omnix provides expertly-crafted Service Level Agreements to clients to facilitate better service delivery. A Service Level Agreement that considers the organization's needs, challenges, and strengths protects the client and the provider. Through the Service Level Agreement service of Omnix, clients can ensure that services are delivered on time and protocols are appropriately enforced.


Giving constant support and open communication lines providing proactive solutions to possible challenges to organizations.

Organizations undertaking a major digital overhaul should be adequately supported in their transformational journey. With Omnix’s Support Service under Managed Services, clients can expect continuous technical support provided by our pool of IT experts who are equipped with up-to-date skills and knowledge and are proactive in taking action to prevent possible future challenges.

Center Of Excellence - XOC

Building a repository of knowledge and protocols which helps the organization work towards their goals.

A Center of Excellence within the organization enables clients to work toward success. Through an established XOC, organizations can improve their processes and achieve their long-term goals. In addition, Omnix provides various managed services that will adequately cater to the organization's specific needs.

Managed Services Benefits

Implementing holistic support that lead to success

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Providing organizations with holistic support that leads to success

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