Passport Information System

Passport Information System was developed using Oracle Siebel Public Sector CRM platform, which offers governmental departments a complete solution for processing and managing transaction through various work procedures and seamless integration of information of citizens - from start to end- and provides governed flow of transactions within predefined and customized workflow, resulting in increased productivity and consistency of transactions by staff, accurately manage transactions, reduce the paperwork, minimize the rate of auditing over transactions (such as data entry errors, etc…), decrease the possibility of fraud, and increase employees and citizens’ satisfaction.

The solution provides the citizens with the ability to request a passport online by filling an application via the internet, as well as reduce fraud, forgery and manipulation through implementing effective security measures represented with: two-dimensional barcode, biometric information, management approvals, workflow management, and inventory management. Through precise process of delivering passports for citizens by matching the fingerprint of the applicant/ holder captured in the application phase with the captured fingerprint upon delivery of the passport.