BIM for Landscaping

BIM for Landscaping

The Autodesk Revit software is a powerful Building Information Modeling (BIM) program that has allowed countless firms to incorporate the BIM workflow into their designs. As a key component of this workflow, Autodesk Revit allows landscape architecture firms to produce powerfully intelligent BIM Based designs.

This Autodesk Revit for Landscape training course is designed to teach you how to use the Autodesk Revit software, with a focus on creating and documenting full 3D project models for an urban environment, as well as how to use the internal topography tools and the Site Designer add-in extension. You begin by learning about the user interface and basic drawing, editing, and viewing tools. Then you learn how to create topographical surfaces and modify the topography using Autodesk Revit tools and Site Designer tools. From there, you move into modeling hardscapes using walls, floors, and stairs, and adding components such as trees, site furniture and planting areas. Using C S artisan Revit plugin for better Softscapes designs. Finally, you learn the processes that take the model to the construction documentation phase.

Course Duration: 32 Hours


  • An Autodesk "Certificate of Completion" will be issued upon training completion.
  • An Autodesk Certified Professional (ACP) certificate will be issued, provided the participant pass the ACP exam.

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