The Associate Accountant plays a critical role in supporting the sales team and ensuring the efficient processing of sales orders, customer billing, cost sheets, invoices, and purchase orders (POs) etc. They are responsible for maintaining accurate records and facilitating smooth communication between various departments.



Job Responsibilities

1. Sales Order Processing: Receive and process sales orders from the sales team or customers. Ensure that all orders are accurately entered into the system, including product details, quantities, pricing, and shipping information.

2. Customer Billing: Generate and send invoices to customers based on the completed sales orders. Verify that all billing information is accurate and consistent with the sales terms and agreements.

3. Cost Sheet Management: Maintain and update cost sheets that include product costs, pricing details, and any associated expenses. Keep cost sheets up-to-date to assist in pricing decisions and profitability analysis.

4. Purchase Order (PO) Coordination: Collaborate with the procurement department to create and manage purchase orders, ensuring that the necessary materials are ordered and delivered on time.

5. Inventory Management: Monitor inventory levels to ensure that sufficient stock is available to fulfill customer orders. Coordinate with the inventory team to replenish stock as needed.

6. Customer Communication: Act as a liaison between the sales team and customers to address inquiries, confirm orders, and provide order status updates.

7. Documentation: Maintain organized records of sales orders, invoices, cost sheets, and purchase orders for reference and audit purposes.

8. Reporting: Prepare and provide regular reports on sales orders, billing, and inventory to management.

9. Compliance: Ensure compliance with company policies, industry regulations, and legal requirements when processing orders and invoices.

10. Quality Control: Verify the accuracy of all sales-related documents to prevent errors and discrepancies.



Skill Sets Required

· Minimum 4+ years of relevant experience.

. Communication Skills: Strong written and verbal communication skills are essential for interacting with customers, team members, and other departments.

· Organizational Skills: Ability to effectively manage and prioritize tasks, as Sales Administrators often handle multiple responsibilities simultaneously.

· Attention to Detail: Precision is crucial when processing orders, invoices, and other documents to avoid errors.

· Customer Service Skills: Being able to interact with customers and address their inquiries or concerns in a professional and helpful manner.

· Data Entry Skills: Accurate and efficient data entry is a key component of the role.

· Adaptability: The ability to adapt to changes in procedures, software, and customer needs.



Minimum Education Required: 


  •  Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in finance or MBA – Finance.


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