Providing organizations with holistic support that leads to success

The success of an organization depends on how well the different parts work as a whole. Omnix helps clients run a successful company through our effective managed services.

We pay attention to the various challenges our clients face in running operations. Through our experts’ guidance, we provide holistic support that paves the way for our client’s success. Omnix Managed Services ensures that clients run a well-oiled organization by addressing current challenges and having the foresight to plan for future roadblocks.


Outsourcing enables organizations to increase staff productivity and efficiency by allowing teams to focus on the things they are good at while performing the other more tedious tasks. Through outsourcing, companies can properly adequate resources to propel growth and lead to success.

Omnix Outsourcing services take care of specific tasks that meet specific organizational needs. With a thorough assessment, constant communication, and continuous support, our Outsourcing services deliver high-quality performance freeing our clients from tasks and allowing them to focus on more essential things to pave the way for success.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Providing clear and well-documented principles leading to better delivery of service.

Having a clear set of agreed protocols and principles is the crucial first step in any client-provider service. Omnix provides expertly-crafted Service Level Agreements to clients to facilitate better service delivery. A Service Level Agreement that considers the organization’s needs, challenges, and strengths protects the client and the provider. Through the Service Level Agreement service of Omnix, clients can ensure that services are delivered on time and protocols are appropriately enforced.


Giving constant support and open communication lines providing proactive solutions to possible challenges to organizations.

Organizations undertaking a major digital overhaul should be adequately supported in their transformational journey. With Omnix’s Support Service under Managed Services, clients can expect continuous technical support provided by our pool of IT experts who are equipped with up-to-date skills and knowledge and are proactive in taking action to prevent possible future challenges.

Center Of Excellence - XOC

Building a repository of knowledge and protocols which helps the organization work towards their goals.

A Center of Excellence within the organization enables clients to work toward success. Through an established XOC, organizations can improve their processes and achieve their long-term goals. In addition, Omnix provides various managed services that will adequately cater to the organization’s specific needs.

Managed Services & Outsourcing Benefits

Our scalable services ensure seamless support and flexibility to accommodate business expansion and changing needs by eliminating the need for in-house infrastructure and dedicated IT personnel.

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    Scalable Growth

    Modern digital solutions paving the way for scalable and sustainable growth.

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    Better cost management

    Omnix’ EPPM enables organizations to better manage costs and allocate appropriate budgets to ensure higher ROI.

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    Staff support

    Omnix provides guidance and training to essential team members to ensure that security policies are correctly enforced and fulfilled across the organization.

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    Improved operational efficiency

    Better business practices improve efficiency in operations and other essential aspects of the organization.

Related Industries

Focus on your core business functions while we handle your IT infrastructure and operations through our reliable managed services and outsourcing solutions, ensuring cost-efficiency, scalability, and enhanced operational performance for your industry.

Architecture Engineering & Construction

Building world-class infrastructure projects through top-notch innovative AEC digital solutions and services.

Omnix turns client's design visions into reality with our expert architecture, engineering, and construction solutions. From planning, designing, rendering, and ultimately constructing infrastructure, we ensure that we provide leading end-to-end solutions that help clients from start to finish.

Banking / Financial

Providing innovative IT and cybersecurity solutions to the banking and financial sectors.

There are various challenges that face Islamic banking and insurance. Problems such as threats to data security, connectivity issues, and outdated systems all hinder maximum growth. Omnix provides innovative IT solutions that improve banking and financial institutions in various aspects, enabling clients to deliver top-notch customer service.

Government / Public Sector

Helping government offices in the public sector improve processes and provide excellent customer service.

Government and public sectors prioritize efficient workflow to deliver excellent service. Omnix helps organizations in the government and public sectors by improving existing systems, upgrading networks, and enhancing productivity to ensure that clients meet the demands of their customers while providing professional and timely public service.


Improving healthcare services through modern digital solutions.

Hospitals and medical clinics need technology that best works for their specific needs. Omnix offers solutions that simplify procedures, from smart infrastructure systems to digital innovations that streamline workflow. Providing excellent care that saves lives is the priority of our clients in the healthcare industry. We support them through our superior technology solutions that enable hospitals and medical institutions to better care for their patients.


Enhancing customer experience through modern smart infrastructure solutions.

Hospitality and retail demand a high level of guest management and customer service. Organizations in these industries are all about providing their customers with an unforgettable experience - from creative lighting and temperature solutions to efficient processes.

Media & Entertainment

Dazzling audience with state-of-the-art graphic effects and overall entertainment solutions

The media and entertainment industries constantly need modern solutions that enable organizations to produce high-quality content and presentations that leave audiences in awe. Omnix offers state-of-the-art media and entertainment solutions such as visual effects, motion graphics, and augmented reality that elevate projects to world-class presentations.

Oil & Gas

Supporting organizations meet the demands of the global oil and gas industries

Oil and gas are two global commodities that are consistently in demand. Omnix improves oil and gas companies in various ways, from creating an efficient workflow in the field to enhancing production output, enabling clients to meet the needs of the industry.


Omnix enables clients in these industries to enhance their service offerings to deliver first-class services.

Hospitality and retail demand a high level of guest management and customer service. Organizations in these industries are all about providing their customers with an unforgettable experience - from creative lighting and temperature solutions to efficient processes.


Enabling The Digital Journey For Customers, From Optimization.

Throughout history, technological disruption has influenced human behavior and endeavors, extending to cover all aspects of life. Technology has improved productivity and opportunities at all stages to offer people a better life, even in the automation era. Digital transformation covers the use of digital technologies in reshaping business processes. Our digital transformation solutions empower organizations across various sectors to address evolving business requirements, compete at a scale, and increase customer equity and satisfaction.


Building safe transportation solutions that keep people moving.

Ensuring safety on the road is a must. Omnix enables clients to build superior transportation systems that are efficient, safe and certified world-class. We create modern transportation that empowers cities and people through innovative designing, planning, and rendering tools, paired with advanced project management software from leading vendors.

Integrating Innovative Solutions At Scale For A Successful Digital Journey

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