Improving healthcare services through modern digital solutions

Hospitals and medical clinics need technology that best works for their specific needs. Omnix offers solutions that simplify procedures, from smart infrastructure systems to digital innovations that streamline workflow.

Providing excellent care that saves lives is the priority of our clients in the healthcare industry. We support them through our superior technology solutions that enable hospitals and medical institutions to better care for their patients.


Omnix comprehensive solutions for the Healthcare Industry.

Remote Access & Remote-Control Solution

TeamViewer is an Augmented reality support solution empowered with remote support, access and control solution that enables organizations to stay connected across platforms anytime. Omnix helps businesses and other entities to augment their frontline workforce.

Optical Solutions for Augmented & Virtual Reality

Maximize Augment Reality innovations through advanced optical illusion solutions from Omnix. Using Vuzix, a leading developer of wearable optic technology and display systems, Omnix enables clients to use augmented reality to scale their projects.


Omnix ensures that organizations are ready to face the challenges of the ever-changing digital world. We provide digital solutions by building innovative cloud solutions and modernizing legacy applications using different platforms and technologies that best fit the organization’s needs.


In today’s modern world, Hyperautomation is essential for growth and success. Our specialized automation solutions can help enhance customer experience and support upgrading processes, resulting in better output and maximum gain.

Data Management Platforms

Successful businesses have the right know-how to make sense of information gathered from data to make informed decisions, predict trends, and identify opportunities for growth. Omnix helps organizations from various industries leverage data and use it to their advantage with our state-of-the-art Data Platform solutions. Handling data can be overwhelming, but our team of experts can help businesses organize data, gain vital business insights, and stay ahead of the competition.

People Security

Cybersecurity is among organizations top priorities when dealing with data, applications, network, people and endpoint security. As businesses expand, the need for cybersecurity also becomes more demanding. Threats to user identity increase with the influx of data, systems, and platforms that rely on technology and connectivity.

Data Security

Omnix helps clients address cyber threats and secure essential data, programs, and networks with our robust security platforms. In many cases, organizations’ lack of adequate knowledge regarding network and data security leads to compromising the system. A compromised network and data due to various cyber threats could potentially affect growth, such as revenue loss, breach of trust among customers, regulatory fines, and even legal action. Omnix provides businesses with robust cybersecurity solutions with multiple layers of protection tailored for their specific security needs.

Network Security

Different organizations – from large-scale companies to local businesses, would need different types of cybersecurity pertaining to their networks. Omnix considers the unique and highly-specific needs of the clients, making sure that the solutions we put in place would address the types of potential threats to their network.

Endpoint Security

Cyber threats and risks come in various forms. It could be through a data breach, suspicious malware, ransomware, or other novel means. With the increased use of endpoints, protecting software and hardware from various cybersecurity threats becomes essential more than ever.

Application Security

An organization needs to be equipped with advanced cyber defense systems to prepare for potential attacks before they even occur. Omnix ensures that organizations are ready to face any cyber threat through an in-depth assessment of their needs and current systems and applications.

Smart Audiovisual

An organization’s physical space needs to be efficient and purposeful. Omnix helps clients build an environment that enhances team performance and empowers the workforce. Boost operational efficiency and reduce the cost of operation through the Smart Audiovisual solution by Omnix.

Smart City and Physical Security

We make Smart Cities possible through our various Smart Infrastructure Solutions. Our innovative approach to Smart City and Physical Security ensures that urban areas adhere to their users’ needs by creating customized solutions to the client’s needs. Omnix provides modern solutions to securing and making urban spaces highly functional, sustainable, and progressive challenges.

Smart Network Solution

Dealing with several devices within a network can be challenging to any workspace. Ineffective connectivity also affects processes and workflow. With the Smart Network Solutions from Omnix, organizations can optimize their space while experiencing high hardware and software connectivity within the premises.

Data Center Design and ICT

Innovative Data Centers begin with equally innovative and efficient design. Through the Data Center Design solution from Omnix, organizations can build smart and modern data centers using various IT resources and architectural layouts. The Data Center Design solution enables businesses to design a data center that works for them.

Structured Cabling

Cables do not have to be cumbersome and bulky. The Structured Cabling solutions from Omnix prove that cables can be aesthetically-pleasing while delivering high-powered performance. With Structured Cabling, workplaces can depend on mobile, cost and time-efficient solutions for their valuable hardware.


Omnix comprehensive services for the Healthcare Industry.

Remote Access and Control Services

Omnix enhances construction projects' flexibility and accessibility through Remote Access and Control Services. This empowers project managers to have better control over various platforms. Remote Access and Control Services also facilitate timely decision-making and quick responses to ad-hoc problems during planning and implementation, preventing timeline delays.

Cybersecurity Services

Cyber threats and risks come in various forms. It could be through a data breach, suspicious malware, ransomware, or other novel means. With the rise of remote networking, the cybersecurity threat is more essential than ever. Equipping an organization with the proper cyber defense is an excellent way to prepare for potential attacks before they even take place. Omnix Cybersecurity...

Digital Innovation Services

Digitization is among the vital aspects a business or institution would need to have to reach its full potential. Omnix ’s advanced digital innovation services enable clients to expand revenue, operate efficiently, and provide excellent service to their customers and other stakeholders. Every organization has its own goals, needs, and priorities. Omnix considers all of these factors and creates a...

Smart Infrastructure Services

Providing customized AudioVisual, ICT, and ELV solutions and services to answer the organization’s unique needs. Omnix is a complete end-to-end service provider that delivers full installation, testing, and commissioning of smart infrastructure projects across various settings and industries.

Omnix provides top-notch specialized solutions and services to ensure client success by comprehensively studying the business's specific needs, challenges, and future strategies for our highly-satisfied clients

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