Alaa Saleh Khader Ghanem,
Business Unit Manager, Smart Infrastructure,
Omnix International
Innovations around convergence

There are various innovations taking place currently in this convergence of technology platforms. Building a robust infrastructure is one of the key success factors and a mandatory requirement for edge computing. IoT sensors with accuracy is another major development that collects data and facilitates intelligent decision-making.

There is also the AI, data analysis, algorithm development playing a major role in understanding collected data from field devices and filtering uncertain data. Additionally, the development of 5G technology addresses the need for fast data processing in the field and edge networking.

Enterprises face several challenges when implementing and generating returns from this convergence of technology platforms. They must have a clear visibility and a well-thought-out road map with key goals. Also, organisations often face the challenge of making an initial investment in infrastructure to have a strong base for starting the journey.

Role of security

“Organisations must ensure the security of the data transformation which will be sent back to central data processing against any security attacks. Overcoming these will require planning, investment, and integration with cybersecurity to ensure the implementation is successful and will generate meaningful returns,” says Alaa Saleh Khader Ghanem, Business Unit Manager Smart Infrastructure, Omnix International.


Benefits of convergence

“The convergence of these technology platforms offers several primary benefits for enterprises. One of the key benefits of smart cities is the optimisation of services and efficiency improvements of the data that has been collected. It enables development of strategies and planning for urban cities based on the input and data analysis that has been provided,” indicates Omnix’s Khader Ghanem.

Organisations can use this data to make more informed decisions and it helps cost reduction by enabling smarter technology utilisation. These business benefits improve operational efficiency, enable better decision-making, and reduce the cost of investment.

Role of channel partners

“It is important to have a trusted partner, with an understanding of the technology and expertise required in integration with all parties to achieve valuable results,” adds Omnix’s Khader Ghanem. Proficiency in AI and data analysis is essential to understand and leverage the vast amount of data generated by these technologies.

Additionally, networking is necessary, and knowledge of connectivity solutions is vital for integration and effective data transfer. And cybersecurity expertise is also required to secure communication channels and protect data during the process of transformation. Organisations can be successful if they possess these skills.