By Walid Gomaa,
CEO Omnix International

Robust supply chains and sustainable infrastructure will be strategic priorities for companies navigating geopolitical turbulence in the coming months, according to Walid Gomaa, CEO, Omnix International.

“Amid unpredictable global uncertainties, corporate strategies will focus on establishing resilient supply chains and robust data infrastructure,” says Gomaa. With shareholders demanding greater accountability on sustainability, regulators are anticipated to tighten disclosure rules for environmental, social and governance practices. He notes that companies, especially publicly traded firms, must plan how to meet evolving transparency guidelines.

Addressing the technological forefront, Gomaa identifies generative AI, cybersecurity, sustainability, VR & AR, and edge computing as central players. Reflecting on this, he says, “The fusion of generative AI and cybersecurity is paramount, with a $15.7 trillion AI contribution projected by 2030. Companies must invest in fortifying defences against the $10.5 trillion cyber threat in 2025.”

He also notes that edge computing will also be an emerging trend that is valuable for processing time-sensitive data in remote locations with limited or no connectivity to a centralised location, essentially serving as mini data centres.

Looking at the skills in demand, he further highlights cloud computing, data analysis, DevOps, and sustainability expertise. “Cloud professionals, data analysts, and adaptable AI experts will be in high demand. Future designers will need to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability through thoughtful designs and a comprehensive portfolio,” he says.