Walid Gomaa,
CEO Omnix International

How CIOs can deliver innovation

CIOs and IT decision-makers can stimulate innovation by instilling a culture that values creativity, collaboration, and experimentation among their teams. They should actively seek out emerging technologies that align with business objectives and support pilot projects to test novel solutions.

Regularly assessing technology’s influence on key performance indicators and advocating ongoing learning ensures that IT remains attuned to evolving business requirements. Ultimately, they must be open to taking well-considered risks in order to align innovation with the enterprise’s strategic mission.


The CIO-business scorecard

Enterprise CIOs and IT decision-makers should ensure organisational success today and in the future. They must embrace agile practices that ensure flexibility and rapid response to changing needs. They should also establish effective data and security governance to safeguard data quality, security, and compliance.

Developing proactive risk management strategies to mitigate potential disruptions and considering environmental impact and sustainability in technology decisions is also crucial.

“While implementing AI technologies, enterprises must ensure the responsible and ethical use of AI and emerging technologies. Furthermore, they must align IT initiatives with overarching business objectives.” says Walid Gomaa, CEO Omnix International.