By Walid Gomaa,
CEO Omnix International

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Omnix International, an end-to-end digital solutions and services pioneer, participated in the third Annual DIGITAL TWIN 2024 conference. Omnix displayed it’s cutting-edge technologies including advanced 3D measurement, imaging, and realization technologies that help organizations across diverse industries and focused on implementing innovative solutions to accelerate their digital transformation progress.

Attendees gained valuable insights into solutions across manufacturing, construction, and public safety analytics sectors. Visitors had the opportunity to explore Omnix’s digital transformation offerings, specifically designed to address the evolving needs of organizations within the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Manufacturing, and Oil & Gas industries through innovative multi-media solutions. Additionally, Omnix also highlighted the forefront of digital twinning, where reality converges with virtuality to craft precise digital replicas, unlocking possibilities across industries and ushering in a new era of innovation and efficiency.

“The DIGITAL TWIN 2024 Conference provided us with a platform to engage with industry leaders, experts, and influencers in the digital twin arena, enabling us to spotlight the transformative potential of our technologies. As we showcased our solutions, it was an opportunity for us to not only drive innovation but also to reaffirm our commitment to our customers’ success.  We are dedicated to empowering them on their digital transformation journey and navigating the complexities of their industries with confidence while achieving their strategic objectives.” said Walid Gomaa, CEO, Omnix International.

BIM Managers, CIOs, Digital Delivery Managers, and Project Managers visited Omnix’s booth at the conference. The presence of various organizations and vendors underscored a collective commitment to addressing significant challenges. Throughout the event, there was a notable emphasis on technology, particularly the integration of BIM and real-time data analytics, driving advancements in digital twin technology. As the digital twin landscape evolves, Omnix remains at the forefront, poised to lead the way in unlocking new possibilities and driving efficiency across industries.

About Omnix

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