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Asimily was founded in 2017 to service the unique IoT security needs of the healthcare market and launched the product with Hithesh Nama, who joined as Co-founder of Asimily. After launch and initial trials, Asimily landed some of the most prominent names in healthcare as customers and design partners.Since then they have grown, working with thousands of healthcare sites, and are trusted by some of the largest and most prestigious healthcare organizations globally. The team brings deep interdisciplinary expertise in healthcare, cyber-security, networking, and analytics, and are backed by top leaders in the security and healthcare industries, such as the ex-CEO of Symantec and CISOs from leading organizations. Their pioneering approach and loyal customer base have earned them recent awards from Gartner, Business Intelligence, and others.

Endpoint Security

Cyber threats and risks come in various forms. It could be through a data breach, suspicious malware, ransomware, or other novel means. With the increased use of endpoints, protecting software and hardware from various cybersecurity threats becomes essential more than ever.