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INTEREL creates intelligent sustainable environments and is on a mission to empower companies that create smart living experiences, to use their and the world’s resources more efficiently by connecting utilities, things, and people through the best technology ecosystem. INTEREL’s smart building ecosystem consists of a beautifully crafted hardware portfolio of smart thermostats and room control devices, powered by INTEREL OS, featuring the connectBsmart™ IoT connectivity framework, and the Home of Things and Hotel of Things™ integration platforms. Together these products and services provide customers and partners a solution to retrofit, merge and virtualize, what otherwise would be several difficult to manage, siloed CAPEX investments. With 500.000 devices installed, INTEREL solutions have created smarter and more sustainable buildings in over 45 countries across the world.

Automation and Control

Managing facilities can be difficult without the proper support and systems in place. Whether it may be in manufacturing, oil and gas, hotels, and public utilities, Automation and Control solutions enable clients to efficiently manage, control, and configure various systems in multiple locations. With Automation and Controls solutions from Omnix, facilities run better, boosting operations, and improving overall customer experience.