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Our vision is clear: We’re revolutionizing reality with hardware and software that let you seamlessly merge virtual, mixed and traditional reality – all with the clarity of the human eye. Varjo was founded by a team of industry professionals with decades of experience and a vision of seamlessly merging the virtual and real worlds – first for professionals and ultimately for everyone. All of us at Varjo are on a mission to change computing for good by merging virtual, augmented and traditional realities. When we’re done, computers will look nothing like they do right now.

Optical Solutions for Augmented & Virtual Reality

Maximize Augment Reality innovations through advanced optical illusion solutions from Omnix. Using Vuzix, a leading developer of wearable optic technology and display systems, Omnix enables clients to use augmented reality to scale their projects.


Multimedia & Entertainment

Our multimedia solutions enable architects and construction professionals to visualize their projects more realistically. In addition to that, these products allow our clients to explore, assess, and evaluate their projects while managing risks prior to them making diligent and whopping investment in project development and construction.